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What is the stainless steel mirror polishing method?


The stainless steel polishing process can be divided into two process steps: polishing and polishing. There are many ways to polish stainless steel mirror. Today, I will explain two aspects of you. The first is polishing and the second is light.


First of all, the main purpose of polishing stainless steel products is to remove welds and stretch lines to prepare for light emission or wire drawing. There are generally three processes for polishing: rough polishing, medium polishing, and fine polishing. When we get this stainless steel product, we first observe with the naked eye how the weld seam of the product looks like, whether the product has uneven joints, deep scratches, bruises, or serious deformation. If there are defects, we need to return to the previous process for repair. If not, then start polishing.


The first step: rough polishing, first use 80#/120# abrasive belt or sandpaper to cut the surface, the purpose is to go to the welding place of the workpiece, first polish the position of the weld, and then the entire surface of the product, Remove the hard skin. Pay attention to the angle and pressure of the belt machine during the polishing process. Generally, during the polishing process, the product and the belt are in a straight line, so that it can better contact the polished surface.


The second step: middle polishing, use 240/32# abrasive belt or a thousand impeller to polish the workpiece according to the previous process, and repeatedly polish the pattern after the previous 80#/120# abrasive belt so that the surface of the workpiece is basically free of scratches, However, you need to be careful not to cause scratches at this stage, otherwise, the next process will be difficult to repair.


The third step: fine polishing, repeat the above two steps with 400/600# abrasive belt. Basically, this step will make the surface of the product brighter and the texture will be finer. The higher the sand number, the more conducive to the next step. Light effect.


Secondly, the light is emitted. The main purpose of this light is to emit light on the surface of the stainless steel after polishing to achieve a bright or mirror effect.


The first step: Use a hemp wheel to polish the sand surface to make the stainless steel surface shine. Show the brightness of the stainless steel surface. If the bruises occurred in the previous sanding step, it is difficult to repair at this stage, but the fine lines can be removed.


The second step: Use a soft cloth wheel and green wax (fine polishing liquid wax) to polish the surface, repeat the first step to make the surface appear shiny or mirrored.


In the polishing process, the stainless steel mirror polishing method is also very important for the use of polishing wax. Now the cloth wheel is covered with polishing wax. It will be more convenient if the wax spray system is used. You can spray the wax on the wheel regularly and quantitatively. If the wax is not enough During the polishing process, if the surface temperature is too high, the wheels may be severely damaged and the surface of the product will turn yellow. At the same time, the pressure of the workpiece needs to be controlled. Excessive pressure will also cause the product to collapse. Excessive pressure will increase the aluminum loss of the cloth wheel.


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