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Based on advantages from others similar machines, Yatai metal polishing equipment manufacturer develop the inner surface and outer surface polishing machine with independent intellectual property rights. This machine not only is highly efficient and has high quality but also are more customized design and safety. Moreover, it can be operated at all angles.

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About us:

Jiangmen Yatai Intelligent Polishing Technology Co.,Ltd has been dealing in metal polishing machine for more than 15 years. Our own factory, Jiangmen Yatai Intelligent Polishing Technology Co.,Ltd , Brand Yatai has over 15 years history of professional manufacturing most kinds of China-made metal polishing machine since 2005,especially for the Faucet disc mental automatic polishing machine,Lock handle automatic polishing machine H811,Pot automatic polishing machine,Vacuum cup automatic polishing machine,Mobile phone shell disc automatic polishing machine,Car roof racks automatic polishing machine and Robotic polishing machine.. After more than 15 years development, we are able to offer you top quality machine, excellent service and competitive price.

Business Type:
Manufacturers Country/Region:Guangdong, China
Main Products: metal polishing machineTotal Employees:100+
Total Annual:-Year Established:2005
Certifications:Yatai processes 33 national right patents and 2 software copyrightsProduct Certifications(1):-
Main Markets:

Domestic Market 60.00%

Southeast Asia 30.00%

North America 5.00%


Q1: How do I purchase your goods?

First : We will confirm which kind of the machine is suitable for your product . Second : The polishing technology is confirmed by you . In the meantime we will do a test for you. Third : The quotation is confirmed by both . Last : Then you can make an order to us .

Q2: How long is the lead time?

The small equipment is about 7-15 working days . The large one is about 45-60 working days . Also we will finish it depend on the specific quantity .

Q3: How can I get a sample from you?

Please send your product (material and after polishing )to us . We will do a fixture and test about it . It will take about 5-10 working days.

Q4: How to install the machinery?

Some equipment is a whole machine . Just need to place it to a suitable area , power up it , Then it can be operate by the worker . Also you can install it depend on the instruction . And we can sent an engineer to your factory .

Q5: How long is the warranty ?

The warranty is one year. We will charge a fee outside the warranty period .

Q6: How to operate the polishing machine ?

We will teach you in your factory . Also we will provide long-term remote technical support .

Q7: Where to get help if your machine gets problem?

We will send engineers to your factory to solve. Also we will teach you how to solve simple problem by remote technical support.

Q8: How long life for polishing machine ?

10-30 years.

Q9: What is the product can be polished by this machine?

Hardware, bathroom fitting , faucet , mobile phone shell , lock handle , sanitary,flat and so on.

Q10: Do you have some polishing material ?

Yes , we have . The polishing material is also made by us .


1. How to maintain the automatic polishing machine ?

As labor costs continue to rise, especially in the polishing industry, more and more companies are equipped with automated production to minimize manual operations .

2. Can you use polishing compound by hand?

Rubbing compound can be applied by hand using a microfiber towel and a ton of elbow grease. Just like wax you are going to “wax on, wax off”. Applying a pretty good amount of pressure in a circular motion, apply some compound to your towel and buff it in using a clockwise rotational movement.

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