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As people’s quality of life continues to improve, more and more people like outdoor sports and self-driving tour, so SUV are more and more popular. The ca luggage rack on the SUV plays an important role. However, the ca luggage rack is difficult to polish. It need two works to polish the rack,and the quality is uneven. In this case, we research the car roof racks metal polishing machine to solve the client’s process.

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More About This Product:

What Is A Car Polishing Machines and Its Purpose?

Your car is subjected to the elements, scratches, water spots, damage from stone chippings, etchings from chemicals and bird droppings, etc. All these damages are removed by the Decontamination process. It involves the use of detailing clay that removes bonded contaminants such as tar, tree sap, brake dust, etc from the paint.

The application leaves the surface smooth and ready for the application of waxes, sealants and polishes. This clay is gently wiped or spread over the surface using a Quick Detailer Spray. These sprays come in three strengths – Aggressive, Medium and Mild.

There are de-tarring solutions. De-Ironing solutions remove bonded metal contaminants that migrate into the paint leading to corrosion. There are various types of polishes such as :

Compounds that correct deep scratches.

Polishes that are light to medium grade but do the same function as the compounds of smoothening or polishing the car’s surface.

There are various types of polishes such as :

Pre-Wax cleaners are used to chemically clean the paint before applying a layer of paint and sealant.

Filler Heavy Polishes are used to gently cleanse the paint. It has micro-abrasives in resin that fill the imperfections leaving behind a layer of acrylic compatible with waxes and sealants.

All in Ones (AIO) allow you to polish your car in one step and remedy all the issues mentioned above. An AIO cleans the paint using chemical cleansers, polish the surface using micro abrasives then finish the surface with fillers in finishing oils and seals the surface using wax or sealant.

Most professionals choose to partner the right polished with the right pads. These pads are mounted on mechanical contraptions called Car Polishing Machines.These machines help through the entire process of decontamination which removes heavy scratches, light scratches, swirls, hazes and holograms. After the surface has been restored to a mirror-like finish a layer of protection or sealant is applied. These car polishing machines will pre-polish, polish, finish, seal and clean your cars paint job.

Types of Car Polishing Machines

You can choose to buff your car by hand-polishing or machine polishing it.

Hand-polishing takes longer to achieve permanent correction. But compared to machine polishing the results may be limited. It is recommended for hiding imperfections, paint correction, paint correction and enhancements. Otherwise, car polishing machines are recommended.

A machine buffer may be a Rotary or Dual Action buffer or polisher. It offers quicker corrections than hand polishing due to the aggressive action of the motor.

The Dual Action polishing machine is safer and takes longer than the rotary machine to correct the defects. It is suitable for the application of sealants and waxes.

Understanding the Process of Polishing the Paintwork

The process of polishing rounds off the edges of the scratches by buffing away a thin layer of paint to eliminate imperfections. This requires a delicate touch as the amount of paint removed depends upon the force applied to the car polishing machine. It would be better to try out the process i.e., the machine and the polishes on the test surface before applying it to your car. Spinning pads are attached to the car polishing machine to remove the scratches and blemishes. The waxes, compounds and polishes are worked into the surface by this pad or cloth while the head spins at a high Rate Per Minute (RPM).




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