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Hardware polishing machine automatically sands, stable, instead of manual


The hardware polishing machine has an automatic sanding function, and the overall stability of the equipment replaces manual polishing on the product surface, and the automatic polishing quality is stable. The automatic sanding machine can produce single or double abrasive belts according to customer needs. During the polishing process, the equipment is stable, do not deviate. Better complete the sanding process on the surface of the product.


There is actually a distance between thinking and doing. How do we usually complete this thinking? Through ordinary practice, draw what comes to mind, and practice it in ordinary work. We can shorten this distance, knowing that it is the beginning of the action, and action is the beginning of getting results. Through practice, we found that the hardware polishing machine is also a versatile device.


The hardware polishing machine is a combined type of equipment. According to the shape, weight, and process of the product, choose different manipulators and belt machines. This combined equipment is composed of manipulators of different kilogram levels and single-station or double-station belt sanders. For example, the lock handle, the surface can be roughly divided into 6 surfaces, a top surface, a bottom surface, a left surface, a right surface, a front, a back, and a handle part and some handles also have concave positions and patterns.


Mr. Zhang from Foshan, asked us if the side of the lock handle has a concave position, can we sand it with a robot? Of course, if there is a concave position on the side, then it cannot be polished directly on the belt machine. This hardware polishing machine needs to add a nylon wheel device to polish the concave position. If it is directly polished on the belt machine, the concave position may be ground flat, because the cutting force of the belt is relatively strong during operation.


Therefore, we need to use the softness of the nylon wheel to accommodate the concave position and polish the surface. Welcome, Mr. Zhang to take the product to our company for samples. Pass the sample before purchasing the machine, and understand more clearly the operation mode of this metal polishing machine. how is it If there is no sample, maybe Mr. Zhang will ask, is it really possible? Maybe he doesn't know, according to the characteristics of the product, we can help customers solve this problem, as a manufacturer with 16 years of experience in making polishing machine equipment, this can be solved. Dozens of domestic lock manufacturers, bathroom manufacturers' automatic polishing machines, manipulator sanding machines, CNC polishing machines, and disc polishing machines are all made by us. Midea and Huitailong's automation equipment are all entrusted to us for production. These Hardware polishing machines have been developed along the way. We not only make polishing machines, but also go deep into manufacturers, and customize polishing machine equipment that meets production according to customer needs.


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