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Small polishing machines are designed for polishing small products


A small polishing machine is a manually operated polishing equipment mainly used for sanding the surface of a product. Many times, the pre-polishing process of a product is sanding. As long as the surface sand is treated properly, the polishing of the subsequent process is very easy. So we recommend customers to use this small polishing machine.

As the end of the lunar calendar approaches, all work is being completed, but the work of online promotion cannot be stopped. There are still many customers who need automatic polishing machines every day, and production is still quite busy. Therefore, this small polishing machine is intensifying production. At the end of last month, the customer called and said that our production is increasing. I feel that this equipment is still quite useful, as it can easily sand during polishing and dust can be well absorbed by the dust collector. We need another one to slow down the grinding pressure and keep up with production capacity. After the call ended, the contract was made immediately. Within an hour, the customer transferred the deposit and immediately began producing this small polishing machine.

In this process, we are all trying to find ways to solve the customer's difficult problems. Many times, we need to communicate with them about each problem point, so that they understand how this device is made and how we can make it better. The customer's product is for automotive products, and the surface needs to be sanded before being sprayed. Surface sanding usually uses a sand belt to filter the surface edges and oxide skin, and then proceed to the next step of work.

Although a small polishing machine is not an automatic polishing machine, it is still relatively flexible and efficient when facing some products. Many times, doing things is like this, focusing on solving problems for customers, and providing better service than customers. We also try to bring this small polishing machine closer to automation as much as possible, which can reduce human labor.

Yatai Automatic Polishing Machine, a 16-year manufacturer of metal polishing machines, is a cooperative enterprise with the Fortune 500. Its main products for polishing metal, such as stainless steel pots, door handles, and bathroom, and kitchen utensils, are sold both domestically and internationally with short delivery times. Our products include flexible automatic metal polishing machines, CNC 6-axis polishing machines, disc polishing machines, and car luggage rack polishing machines. We can also customize our own polishing equipment.

Procurement of polishing machines, consulting with metal polishing machine quotation for 10 pits. Yatai Technology, a disc automatic polishing machine manufacturer, has been established for 16 years and has purchased our polishing machines from Fortune 500 companies. Not only do you not guess the pit, but at the same price as the polishing machine, you can also buy metal surface polishing machines with better quality and lifespan, automatic disc polishing machines, stainless steel kitchen utensils polishing machines, hardware polishing machines, polishing machines, etc.

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