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Hardware polishing machine manufacturers focus on CNC polishing machinery, simple operation


The hardware polishing machine manufacturer focuses on the production of CNC polishing machinery for more than ten years and adopts the G code programming system to make action writing more convenient and simple. The surface of the product has a high degree of wedge and is easy to polish. As a manufacturer, facing customers of lock handles, lock panels, bathroom accessories, and bathroom handle, we make corresponding changes according to their requirements.

I went to bed last night. Mr. Li from Wenzhou called for consultation. He answered Mr. Li's phone in the dimness. When Mr. Li asked if you have a hardware polishing machine, he immediately got up and said to Mr. Li: Mr. Li, you Find the right person, we are the hardware polishing machine manufacturer. We have been in this industry for more than 16 years, focusing on the production of hardware polishing machines. There are dozens of lock manufacturers in China, automatic polishing machines for bathroom manufacturers, manipulator sanding machines, and CNC polishing machines. , The disc polishing machine is made by us. The automation equipment of Midea and Huitailong is entrusted to us for production. Along the way, we not only make polishing machines but also go deep into manufacturers, according to customers. Customized polishing machine equipment to meet the needs of production.

After listening to my introduction, Mr. Li immediately stated his needs. Now, due to the difficulty of finding labor and policy changes, the production efficiency of his hardware products cannot be improved. Now the main product is the main body of the faucet, a copper product that needs to Find an automatic polishing machine to help him solve this problem, otherwise, the production will not keep up, the sales will not be able to deliver the goods, the orders will not be received, and in the end, the orders will not be able to do anything.

After hearing Mr. Li's needs, I immediately told him, yes, under this situation, our production will be difficult, and some of the difficulties can be solved by using an automatic polishing machine. It just so happens that we have a piece of equipment that fits your situation. The 4-station 6-axis CNC polishing machine uses servo motors and a G-code programming system to modify parameters directly on the color touch screen. In the past, many manufacturers made this faucet equipment, but only once One product, now our equipment produces four products at a time, and the efficiency is greatly improved many times.

This G-code programming system is easy to learn. After the equipment arrives at your company, you can basically learn the equipment in 3 days, and take a product for polishing. In terms of operation, input the corresponding position number on the screen to simulate the trajectory of the product. Come out, and then the equipment is basically turned on and off loading and unloading, and one person is responsible for one piece of equipment, so how much can this cost be reduced, and can it be calculated? The cost of this equipment can be recovered soon. After listening, Mr. Li said that he would arrange to send samples immediately. After receiving the samples, arrange samples as soon as possible so that Mr. Li can take more orders.

Yatai automatic polishing machine, a hardware polishing machine manufacturer that has been producing metal polishing machines for 16 years, and a company that cooperates with the world's top 500, mainly polishes metal products, such as stainless steel pots, door handles, bathrooms, kitchen utensils, sold at home and abroad, delivery time Short, the products include flexible automatic metal polishing machine, CNC 6-axis polishing machine, disc polishing machine and car luggage rack polishing machine, and also can customize exclusive polishing equipment.

If you want to know more about CNC metal polishing machines, you can call 18813803455, WeChat synchronization. Or visit the website www.jmyatai.com to welcome you to consult.

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