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Inventory of metal polishing processing methods


Metal products are actually divided into many materials. When most metal products are processed, the surface needs to be polished due to various processing steps. When general metal products are polished, some professional polishing machines are used. What kind of techniques are used in processing?


Metal polishing processing has the following methods:

1: Mechanical polishing


The oxide layer on the surface is polished away by cutting, generally using sandpaper, hemp wheel, hard cloth wheel, and soft cloth wheel. Match the semi-automatic polishing machine or the automatic polishing machine to polish the metal surface. If the quality requirements are high, the grinding method can be used for processing, and the grinding liquid is added to the grinding machine for high-speed rotation. Some products that require high precision using this method, such as mobile phone shell products, and the electronics industry, which requires high brightness and friction, and will use grinding.


2: Chemical polishing

Use some chemical media to preferentially dissolve the surface. For some workpieces with complex shapes, they can be polished at the same time, and the efficiency is high, but it will cause environmental protection problems and need to deal with these chemical media.


3: Electrolytic polishing


The principles of electrolytic polishing and chemical polishing are similar, and the surface is treated by selecting dissolved materials.


4: Ultrasonic polishing

The workpiece is placed in an ultrasonic field, and the abrasive is used to grind and polish the surface of the workpiece by the vibration of ultrasonic waves. In the process of dissolution and electrolysis, the cavitation of ultrasonic in the liquid can also inhibit the corrosion process, which is beneficial to the surface Brighten up.


5: Fluid polishing

Driven by hydraulic pressure, the liquid medium carrying abrasive particles flows back and forth across the surface of the workpiece at high speed. The medium is mainly made of special compounds with good flowability under lower pressure and mixed with abrasives. The abrasives can be made of silicon carbide powder.


6. Magnetic grinding and polishing

Magnetic grinding and polishing is the use of magnetic abrasives to form abrasive brushes under the action of a magnetic field to grind the workpiece.


Most of the metal polishing process will be polished according to the effect of the product. When polishing and polishing, the metal surface can become brighter, and the brightness of the entire product can be improved. Kitchenware products, lock products, sanitary products, etc. will be processed The method of polishing, then proceed to the next step. When we choose different machines and equipment, we can choose according to the principle, polishing effect, and product shape.


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