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The stainless steel polishing machine adopts the disc method for polishing


Stainless steel polishing machines often cause headaches for customers. First of all, because the material of stainless steel is relatively hard, it requires multiple polishing procedures to complete the polishing, and for the same product, stainless steel is more difficult than zinc alloy and aluminum alloy. In this case, the time for the polisher to polish a stainless steel product is longer, so the cost of polishing a product will increase correspondingly. Therefore, the customer hopes that there can be a machine to polish stainless steel, zinc alloy, and aluminum alloy materials at the same time.

So we first recommend a disc polishing machine for polishing. Especially for some round products, it is more suitable for automatic disc polishing machines. First, it consists of a disc, 6 polishing heads, and an electric cabinet. These three things thing. Why is it said that stainless steel products can be polished on this disc polishing machine? First of all, the polishing head can perform left-to-right, front-to-back, and rotating movements according to the shape of the product, so the top and side surfaces of the product can be polished. It may be possible in the industry, but it will be slightly worse in terms of automatic compensation. We have our own patented technology certification in terms of automatic compensation.

When polishing stainless steel products, it may be difficult for peers to make compensation based on quantity or frequency. Put the product on the disc and polish different parts of the product according to the process. You can also replace different consumables on the polishing machine head, such as using some grinding wheels, hard linen wheels, and wind cloth wheels to polish to a bright and mirrored effect.

Use the disc method to polish stainless steel products, which is a common method for stainless steel polishing machines. In this way, the polishing efficiency is greatly improved, and the production task is completed quickly.

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