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How to adjust the speed of stainless steel polishing machine?


How to adjust the speed of the stainless steel polishing machine when the equipment is running? How does the speed affect the product? Many times customers will ask us what is the speed of our automatic polishing machine. What do I need to adjust while polishing? In fact, this problem is very easy to solve, each product will be proofed before polishing, confirmed, and then sent to the customer.

Mr. Lin from Fujian called for consultation a few days ago. Now their company's manual polishing machine can't work, and the motor is easy to alarm. Because the motor's speed is not fast enough, the product proofing is not very good. So I want to search on the Internet to see if there is a manufacturer that can solve this product for them. When I heard this question, let him explain in detail what his current doubts are like. A problem was found. This equipment was not used to polish the product before, so the speed of the motor was sufficient for polishing. Now a product has been replaced. The speed is too slow. The cutting ability of the product and the polishing wheel is weak, resulting in the surface of the product not being well polished. Get rid of it.

At the same time, Mr. Lin's equipment does not have a frequency converter, so it cannot adapt to changes in products and adjust the speed, resulting in poor overall results. Therefore, Mr. Lin suggested replacing a high-power motor, so that the speed of this stainless steel polishing machine can be changed so that the whole effect can be brought up. At the same time, I also noticed that Mr. Lin's equipment is still using a manual polishing machine, which is manually operated. Now it is more difficult to find workers, so the cost is relatively high.

In a situation like Mr. Lin, it is recommended to use an automatic polishing machine if the product is suitable, and use a chain-type or disc-type polishing machine for the operation to reduce equipment downtime and labor input. One worker can manage one piece of equipment. The speed of the stainless steel polishing machine is adjusted by the frequency converter, adapting to the product, and directly adjusted on the frequency converter.

At this time, our labor is getting less and less and the labor cost is getting higher and higher. It is a trend to use automatic polishing machines. Buy a polishing machine and find Jiangmen Yatai, save worry and effort, and not suffer a second crime. The use of automated polishing machine equipment is conducive to the process of industrialization and accelerates the intelligent development of factories.

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