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Buffing machine for sale with double station polished zinc alloy handle



We now have several metal polishers, one of which is a double-station, a large metal polisher that polishes zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, and magnesium alloy handles. If you want to polish stainless steel products, this equipment can also be polished. It is a convenient buffing machine for sale. No programming is required, no need for skilled workers to operate the equipment.

Everyone will have a dark time. I want to call it a silent time. In the silent time, everyone, every company is paying attention to their own growth. Every day, a little bit better than yesterday, then this time will slowly Accumulation, just like the growth of bamboo, only grew a little in the first three years, but after accumulating enough in the last three years, it grew into fresh bamboo at a rapid rate. In fact, isn't our life like this? Accumulate to a certain extent, seize the opportunity, you can get a greater chance.

Every day, I promote the network and send some opinions on the Internet. I don’t have anything to say at the beginning. It feels like running water, but this is my real idea. For the zinc alloy mirror polishing machine, I am serious. In this industry, I am a newcomer, but I hope that I can really improve my technology and help customers solve their production capacity. I often communicate with the commissioning staff, the relationship between the polishing machine and the polishing product. For example, our current polishing products are divided into many kinds, such as zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, magnesium alloy, etc., and the hardness between the materials is Great difference, such as zinc alloy and aluminum alloy is relatively soft, the pressure is not adjusted when polishing, the hardness of magnesium alloy is not very hard, and the hardness of stainless steel is the hardest, why? Because the raw materials used are different at the time of manufacture, the added materials are different, resulting in the final hardness, each company will be different, so the parameters we use when debugging. If we want to achieve the zinc alloy mirror effect, then the polishing time will be different, and the pressure used will be different. The zinc alloy mirror polishing machine can solve this problem technically. Different materials, we set different polishing time, polishing pressure, and let the product achieve the mirror effect. Many buffing machines for sale is in our fac

Staying in an instant. Turning around is the end of the world. We have a lot of metal polishing machine just like the buffing machine for sale. Some clients asked us which shape of the product can be polished. This is a good question. EACH SHAPE CAN BE POLISHING BY OUR BUFFING MACHINE. But different shape needs different buffing machine. Also, many kinds of buffing machines are for sale. Now we have new technology. One is for the cloth wheel, the other is for the walnut shell. These are two different materials. Some metal polishing material uses the walnut shell before in the other polishing machine. But their product touches each other. So it will make the effect worse. So we research new technology to hang up the faucet. This is a good way to polish the faucet. They are keeping a good effect and the product is not touched. Last but not least, the polishing time is shorter. If you use the old machine, the time is 10-15hours. If you use the new machine, the time is 1-2hours. You can check the effect between them. Also, you can check the machine in our factory. We can test the zinc faucet by buffing machine or flexible metal polishing machine.

When we test the zinc faucet, first we would like to know the shape of the product, the size, the material, the step, and the effect. Also, we would like to know how do you polish the faucet. Which step do you polish? Sanding, polishing? If we know more details about your product, we will supply a more detailed solution. Each zinc product can be polished. Welcome to send us samples. If we receive the sample, it will be tested as soon as possible. Friend, Please let me help you to do a test and make a solution.

Facebook find me Yatai polishing machine, 15 years of production of metal polishing machine source manufacturers, and the world's top 500 companies, mainly polishing metal products, such as stainless steel pots, door handles, bathroom, kitchen utensils, sold at home and abroad, Short delivery time, the product has flexible automatic metal polishing machine, CNC 6-axis polishing machine, disc polishing machine and car luggage rack polishing machine, you can also customize the exclusive polishing equipment.

Flexible metal polishing machine: efficient, dust-free, no need for polishing workers, polishing 300 zinc alloy handles per hour.

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