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Handheld polishing machine high speed environmental protection


Time has entered May, and soon to June, high-temperature weather, workers polishing products in the workshop will be very hot. So they are sometimes reluctant to carry out polishing work. Many customers hope that handheld polishing machine can be used in the workshop to carry out automated polishing production, improve efficiency, and solve polishing problems for customers.


In order to make it easier for workers to operate handheld polishing machine, we have developed and designed a flexible polishing machine to make polishing workers work more easily without environmental impact. The customer Mr. Lin came to our factory to visit the factory last week and recommended this flexible polishing machine for him. He said that when the polishing workers are polishing, the dust is very large, the young people are not willing to carry out the polishing work, the older people slowly Because of physical reasons and family reasons, I began to fade out of this industry, and now the polishing cost of workers is relatively large, hoping to find some automated equipment to solve his current dilemma, Mr. Lin mainly produces lock handles, a skilled worker. The efficiency is very fast, but at the same time, it is also polished by hand, and the quality will be uneven. Workers return to their hometowns and do not want to return to work in the factory. Sometimes the shortage of staff causes the product delivery time to belong, which will affect the customer's Delivery. According to this situation, we recommend the flexible polishing machine to Mr. Lin. This equipment is integrated and can be moved at any time. The color touch screen only needs to modify the parameters on the screen, quickly clamp the product, select environmentally friendly materials, and be dust-free during the polishing process. Environmental protection and mute. After watching the operation of this equipment, Mr. Lin feels very satisfied, which can greatly improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and can produce products in a dust-free and environmentally friendly manner.


Many times, in the polishing environment, a lot of dust will be generated, causing harm to the human body. Although the efficiency of the workers is very high, the workers are slowly reduced, it is still necessary to arrange a handheld polishing machine as soon as possible. To reduce labor costs and improve efficiency, we continue to cooperate with customers to solve polishing problems and reduce product costs.


Yatai Automatic Polishing Machine, an automatic polishing machine manufacturer that has produced metal polishing machines for 15 years, and an enterprise that cooperates with the world's top 500 Short, products include flexible automatic metal polishing machine, CNC 6-axis polishing machine, disc polishing machine and car luggage rack polishing machine, can also customize exclusive polishing equipment.


Flexible metal polishing machine: efficient, dust-free, no need for polishing workers, can polish 300 zinc alloy handles per hour.

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