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Frequency conversion control of commercial buffing machines, adjustable speed


When we use commercial buffing machines for polishing, in addition to caring about the loss of equipment, there is another place we will pay attention to, is the loss rate of consumables. This is also an uneven place in the industry. In order to save costs, some manufacturers have not set up cloth wheel loss compensation, but only rely on manual observation, or the cloth wheel compensation function is not obvious, so manual operation increases trouble. Our zinc alloy polishing frequency conversion control, adjustable speed, machine configuration cloth wheel automatic compensation function, reduce costs and improve efficiency.


Few manufacturers in the industry can achieve the automatic compensation function of the cloth wheel, and we have invested in this compensation technology and obtained the corresponding patent, a polishing compensation method, and a device. This patent is applied to the commercial buffing machines for customers Production becomes simpler and improves efficiency. A manufacturer told us that the equipment he bought before always required the operators to pay attention to the loss of cloth wheels and adjust the equipment in time. Otherwise, the yield of the product will drop a lot. Our commercial buffing machines only need to adjust the data according to the size of the cloth wheel on the color touch screen, enter the data directly on the screen, and the PLC directly runs and outputs to the equipment to continue polishing a production. If new problems are encountered with customers, engineers will adjust and reset them according to their requirements. Our company has a CNC machining center, a sheet metal production center, and a skilled fitter. According to the customer's problems, we can respond at any time, transfer the corresponding drawings and carry out transformation.


Commercial buffing machines are controlled by frequency conversion and the speed is adjustable. The polishing speed can be adjusted according to the customer's product effect. During the polishing process, by changing the pressure and frequency, the contact between the polishing cloth wheel and the product surface changes. Some customers in the same industry only make adjustments through the cylinder, which will make the effect unstable.


When we use these commercial buffing machines to change the workpieces of different varieties and specifications, we can modify the corresponding parameters through the touch screen on the electric control table, and the operation is very convenient. The machine has the function of automatic compensation of cloth wheel loss, and the compensation data is also adjusted through the touch screen device.


After purchasing the first commercial buffing machines, a joint venture company specializing in sanitary ware in Guangzhou successively purchased many types of equipment. Greatly reduces the cost of polishing a production. Once their equipment broke down and needed to be shipped the next day. We learned that in this case, we immediately sent the project to help repair it. Finally, they can ship on time.


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