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Clean polishing workshop, to the health of the workers more protection


1: Clean polishing workshop, to the health of the workers more protection

Smoke and dust pollution has become a main cause of the current atmospheric pollution, in the industry and agriculture and people's life will use a variety of mechanical and electrical equipment, the equipment will produce certain flue gas dust emissions in the atmosphere, the flue gas dust contains is more or less environmental pollution of harmful substances, so how to reduce the use of carbon is presses for solution of the problem. Existing main smoke prevention and dust control device of the cloth bag, spray type, water purification, and electrostatic type and so on many kinds of forms, complicated structure, and dust removal effect is not ideal, also to clean some of the harmful gas in the smoke, can effectively protect the environment.

To polishing, grinding workshop for polishing and grinding workshop has special dust removal system, polishing grinding dust pollution are the main sources of hardware, plastic workshop, polishing, grinding, cutting, the surface of the material processing, polishing, sanding, trimming, etc in the process of operation will produce large amounts of gold particles and dust. All kinds of polishing machines, sanding machines cutting dust produced by metal particles, dirt. Polishing, grinding production and processing workshops, dust pollution is more serious. These dust harm body to operating personnel, especially the respiratory system, the quality of our products, the ecological environment has a very big effect. Occupational hazards researchers study shows that within 4 hours, workshop dust concentration on average less than 1 mg/stere, harmless to human body, the concentration within 1 ~ 3 mg/cubic meters, has certain harm, higher than 3 mg/cubic meters, has great harm, the maximum allowable value of 10 mg/m3, at present, in fact, most of the polishing, grinding workshop to reach this requirement dust concentration reaches as high as dozens, hundreds of mg/m3. Dust on the surface looks not directly, but to organs such as respiratory and eye can cause great harm. Diameter greater than 10 microns of dust in the air to stay time is shorter, can be effective in respiration resistance in the respiratory tract, not into the alveolar, in the long run, the workers will be part of the had bronchitis, asthma and emphysema, and cancer. Particle size less than 10 microns of dust, can directly into the lung tissue, precipitation in alveolar, likely to cause chronic lung tissue fibrosis, and even lead to cor pulmonale, cardiovascular disease and so on a series of pathological changes. And this aspirated material may also be a variety of contaminants or bacteria into the lungs, does great harm to the human body. Dust if bounces or into the eyes of the one that can cause damage, affect the normal operation. In addition, suspended dust will increase the abnormal wear of production equipment, shorten the service life of the equipment, increase the maintenance cost, and thus to the output of the enterprise and economic benefits do not underestimate the impact and loss. 

In European countries polishing production workshop equipped with improving the dust removal system, the production workshop is almost not polishing, grinding metal broken sad, dust is more little, the whole workshop air fresh, clean and tidy environment. Establish automatic polishing technology company with European countries dust removal technology, according to the processing environment, based on the characteristics of large and medium-sized polishing, grinding dust and all kinds of fine dust, provide professional removal technology solutions. Factory can design and installation of a conditional large room of the dust removal system, the small processing workshops can small room of the dust removal system for the design or single dust removal equipment. We provide solutions to completely meet the requirements of national environmental protection requirements of the dust concentration in the workshop.

Both automatic polishing technology company research and development of automatic polishing machine and efficient environmental protection dust collection room of utmost reduce energy consumption, and promote sustainable development, people-oriented, to improve the producers work environment, to protect the health of workers, reduce the content of inhaled particles in the air, thoroughly solves the problem of dust pollution, both people will think you think, continuous innovation, create value for you.

2:Strengthen the equipment installation commissioning, try our best to ensure the annual production task recent three months, Jiangmen both automatic polishing technology company shipment to soar, but also created the history record, see 2013 Lunar New Year is coming, the production is in full operation condition, at present, the company leadership organize the project meeting, arrange the employee work overtime, increase debugging, installation personnel, has formulated the detailed installed, commissioning plan and project, improve the efficiency of delivery, for years ago finish production tasks be ready. In the project implementation stage, every time is in the case of guarantee delivery shall not be affected, the company focused on human of our automatic polishing equipment make a comprehensive inspection, to ensure the best quality in the state of the customer.


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