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Metal polishing machine factory which can polish the hardware


The metal polishing machine is a big polishing machine that can polish the handle lock, faucet, and hardware. We polish it by manual before. So our body will be injured. The worker will suck a lot of dust. Also, the workplace will be dirty. When our worker polishes the product, it will produce dust. And the dust will float in the air. This is worse for the factory. So we need to improve the metal polishing machine.


In our factory, I will help others do something. When my colleague packages the polishing goods, I will wipe the product with alcohol, then package it by plastic wrap. Last I will package by sponge and carton. We’d like to protect the goods to protect the product from bruising. And the sample will be better to send to the customer. Develop a habit of helping people, and forget about it when you help. Don’t think about the return. In the end, just like you spread a lot of seeds. There will always be rooting, sprouting, flowering, and the result! The more people you help, the easier it is for you to succeed! Helping people is happier. In the factory, I will ask the worker what can I do for you. I will help them to transfer the tools. And help them to install the polishing machine. In this case, I will learn more knowledge about the metal polishing machine.


In our factory, I think the team is more positive and active. They will have more power to make the metal polishing machine better. Even if the rotary, they will strict to install the polishing station and polishing the electric part. A metal polishing machine is a big machine. So many parts to be installed to be a big polishing machine. Many products can be polished by this machine. Such as the hardware, handle lock and faucet. Even if the shape is different, they can be polished by the machine. If we polish the product by manual, Some dead angles will be not polished. Because the angle is small and the polishing material can’t be touch. If we use this new machine-flexible metal polishing machine, The small dead angle can be polished. When the rotating head is rotating, The faucet also is rotating. So if your product is zinc, aluminum, and iron, they can be polished. In general, a batch of different materials will be polished by different polishing machines. But now we research a new machine. It can polish in the same machine. You can install them on the fixture. It can polish easily.


Each material will have own feature. Different materials will have different hardness. So we will polish the different at different times. The time of polishing the zinc is shorter than the stainless steel. The time of polishing the stainless steel is longer than the time of aluminum. But we can put the product in the bucket at one time. They will not touch each other. The surface of the product will be better. In this machine, we can install 300pcs-400pcs zinc handle lock in the fixture. So it will polish fast. If you polish the handle lock by manual, you just polish it one by one. The speed will be slower. And the worker will suck more dust. It is worse their bodies. In this machine, We will not produce dust and water. We use new materials to polish it. This new material is a nut. But we will refine the nut to be suitable for polishing the handle lock. The cost of a nut is lower. Last but not least, the service time of the nut is longer. It is for about 4-6 months. We just need to change it after 6 months. If you use the cloth wheel, maybe it changes it for two weeks to one month. So the service time of nut is longer than the cloth wheel.

In our life, we want to do something well. In our opinion, we want to make the product to be simple. In these 15 years, we still to do this thing. We would like to produce a more suitable metal polishing machine for the customer. We would like to help more companies to improve their factory to be intelligent.

Yatai polishing machine is a factory that is about 15 years. We specialized in faucet metal polishing machine, hardware metal polishing machine, and cookware metal polishing machine. The product sells at home and abroad. We have more than 50 patents. We have more than 60 workers. There are 10 workers who are working in Yatai for more than 10 years.

The flexible metal polishing machine is a high speed and non-dust.

If you want to know more about the metal polishing machine, please send me to email sales@jmyatai.com or www.polishingequipments.com.

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