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What is a polishing machine ?


Yatai intelligent polishing machine is a factory which specialized in metal grinding and polishing. These two processes of grinding and polishing are the final step to make hardware which is after the die casting or stretch spinning. Many factories use an automatic polishing machine or manual polishing machine with a cloth wheel to grind and polish. The goods will be sent to plate or delivery.

Yatai intelligent polishing specialized in the lock industry, sanitary industry, and pot industry. In this case, We make lock flat grinding machine, lock flat polishing machine, faucet handle polishing machine, pot polishing machine, and metal polishing machine. The machine reduces labor cost and improves efficiency. If like, please tell me.  

Polishing and grinding is the final process. When polishing the product, we need to grind it first. Generally speaking, when we grinding the faucet, we will use the sanding belt or disk wheel which is 80#120#240#360# to remove the outer surface. Then the product will be polished by the polishing machine. Some clients will use the polishing machine with consumable and wax to polish the faucet to remove the surface traces and polished lines. The polishing time can be adjusted according to the surface rough to achieve a different effect. Which effect do you want to make?

We research a CNC polishing machine depend on grinding and polishing. The machine adopts servo motor and driver to jointly control the machine. It has multi-axis to polish all surface to make the effect good. This machine is used in the faucet industry, lock industry, cookware industry, and hardware industry. Make polish to be easier.

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