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Metal polishing methods high speed


There are many kinds of metal polishing methods, such as electrolyte polishing, cloth wheel polishing, abrasive polishing, and many other methods. Among them, what I want to introduce to you today is cloth wheel polishing. Faced with metal products, there are many ways, if you use polishing cloth wheel will be more efficient and low cost. It is relatively simple to use with equipment.


Today, in order to understand this method of metal polishing, I deliberately went to the workshop to consult the masters, how can I polish a product more beautifully, more in line with customer requirements. So I stayed in the workshop one afternoon and made polishing machines with the masters. It turns out that depending on the scale of the product surface, the materials used will also be different. The metal polishing method needs to be used correctly to maximize efficiency.


In the CNC polishing machine, we use cloth wheels to polish metal products. For example, bathroom handles, many bathrooms handle on the market are made of metal, so this product uses a metal polishing method. First, sand the surface of the product with human or robotic hands. The better the pre-polishing process, the better the number of post-polishing steps. Generally, the effect of sanding is 320 # / 400 #. Then cover the sand grains on the surface with a hemp wheel. There are actually many types of hemp wheels. There are wind hemp wheels, pure hemp wheels, and oil hemp wheels. Pattern to determine which type of wheels it needs. Finally, use the cloth wheel according to the effect required by the customer. If the effect is only bright, then the brightness is not very high, and the wind cloth wheel can produce the effect. If high brightness is needed, then a soft cloth wheel should be used. The softer the material, the brighter the brightness will be. Of course, this also needs to be matched with polishing wax.


Many times, our metal polishing method is based on the existing manual methods, go to the polishing machine to make an improvement, so as to ensure the quality. Each method that can be done is a metal polishing method. It is more efficient and low cost for the CNC polishing machine to select the polishing cloth wheel.


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