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How is the hardware product polishing machine debugged?


A few days ago, a friend chatted with him and asked a question. Your equipment is developed and designed in the factory. After the assembly is completed, can it be sent directly to the customer and can be used without debugging? Hearing this question, I thought of Mr. Martin from Jiangsu. He also has a question about the test. Will your equipment be tested before shipment? Is this hardware product polishing machine that I need ready to be shipped directly to the site?

When I heard these questions, I replied to him. This question is a good question. Each device will be debugged before leaving the factory to keep the device in a stable state, and then go to the customer's home and place the device. It started working. But this debugging will be divided into two steps, the first debugging before leaving the factory and the second debugging after leaving the factory. Both steps are very critical.

General hardware product polishing machine is a medium and large-scale machine, mainly composed of three parts, the first part is the mechanical part, such as polishing column, polishing disc, or polishing table. The second part is the electrical part, such as electric cabinets, programs, air pipes, etc., and the third part is the dust collection system part.

These three parts are usually completed by different people. The employees of each part are cross-worked. The first part is the mechanical part. Before leaving the factory, it is necessary to visit the assembled column to the appropriate position, according to the requirements of the product. , Design the action, it will take about 3-4 days in this process. In the second part, according to the shape of the product, the program is first written, and then the position of the polishing head is moved to the appropriate position. And install the electric cabinet and the workbench, and perform point-to-point tests. After there is no problem, run the test according to the program, such as the running speed and stability of the column.

After all, these are done, and there is no problem, the equipment will be re-operated, and a fully automatic process will be implemented to observe the operation of the equipment and improve the deficiencies. This can be shipped to the customer site, however, there is a final step, to the customer site, to connect the parts again, adjust according to the process,

How is the hardware product polishing machine debugged? According to the customer's product effect, formulate the corresponding polishing steps and adjust the position of the polishing head. These actions are all performed by the tuning engineer. They can get the product ready in a short period of time. Purchasing polishing machines, consulting metal polishing machine quotations for 10 pits, disc automatic polishing machine manufacturer - Yatai Technology has been established for 16 years and has purchased our polishing machines with the world's top 500 companies. Not only do you not step on the pit, but at the same price as the polishing machine, you can also buy metal surface polishing machines with better quality and better life, automatic disc polishing machines, stainless steel kitchen utensils polishing machines, hardware polishing machines, grinding machines, etc.

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