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Hardware grinding and polishing machine is an automatic equipment


The hardware grinding and polishing machine is automated equipment with good prospects. Through recent studies, I have confirmed my confidence in this industry and the future I can see. In fact, if you want to enter this industry, you still need a little technology, and the threshold is not so high. Low. Especially under the influence of the epidemic in the past two years, customers need to invest in automated equipment.

Some time ago, through some forums on the Internet, I learned that there is a serious shortage of labor in the manufacturing industry. Many customers want to improve this phenomenon. When there are more orders, they are very busy, and recruitment becomes a problem. Personnel costs are again an issue. In fact, many times there is still no personnel, and many people are reluctant to do polishing. First of all, the environment, its physical strength, and many other factors lead to a shortage of polishing workers.

They all hope that machinery can be used to replace labor, so customers call to inquire and ask if there is any automated equipment. I need to make bathroom products. Do you have a hardware grinding and polishing machine? In fact, mechanization will make the entire production more intelligent. In the long run, mechanical grinding can improve efficiency and environmental protection.

We have been supplying hardware polishing machines for 16-17 years. Dozens of domestic lock manufacturers, sanitary ware manufacturers have automatic polishing machines, manipulator sanders, CNC polishing machines, and disc polishing machines. Tailong's automation equipment is entrusted to us for production. Along the way, we not only make polishing machines but also go deep into manufacturers to customize polishing machine equipment that meets the needs of customers.

The hardware grinding and polishing machine is automatic equipment. The Siemens system is used to control the equipment. The entire polishing process is more stable, the operation is simple, the interface is clean, and the color touch screen can directly modify the parameters. In the polishing process, use Our patented technology, automatic cloth wheel compensation, which makes the head and tail parts consistent. The hardware grinding and polishing machine makes polishing production simple. Buy a polishing machine and find Jiangmen Yatai, save worry and effort, and not suffer a second crime.

In addition to product quality, there is also after-sales service. The commissioning engineer goes to the customer's site to operate the machine first, then debug it to mass production, and train the operators during the commissioning process. The equipment can be proficient in about 3-5 days. Up, basically, the device is very smooth.

Yatai automatic polishing machine, an automatic polishing machine manufacturer that has been producing metal polishing machines for 16 years, and a company that cooperates with the world's top 500, mainly polishes metal products, such as stainless steel pots, door handles, bathrooms, kitchen utensils, sold at home and abroad, delivery time Short, the products include flexible automatic metal polishing machine, CNC 6-axis polishing machine, disc polishing machine and car luggage rack polishing machine, and also can customize exclusive polishing equipment.

If you want to know more about CNC metal polishing machines, you can call 18813803455, WeChat synchronization. Or visit the website www.jmyatai.com to welcome you to consult. 

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