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Automatic polishing machine to polish zinc handle lock


We now have several metal polishing machine. Among them, this zinc alloy mirror metal polishing machine is a double station. This is a large metal polishing machine that can polish zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, and magnesium alloy handle products. If you want to polish stainless steel products, this equipment can also be polished. It is more convenient for polishing machine equipment. No programming, no need for skilled workers to operate the equipment.


Everyone will have a period of darkness. I want to call it a time of silence. In the time of silence, everyone, every company is paying attention to their own growth. Every day, a little bit better than yesterday, then this time will slowly Accumulation, just like the growth of bamboo, only grew a little bit in the first three years, but after the accumulation in the last three years, it grew into fresh bamboo at a rapid rate. Isn't this the case in our lives? Accumulate to a certain degree, seize the opportunity, you can get greater opportunities.


Internet promotion is carried out every day, and some opinions are sent on the Internet. There was nothing to say at the beginning. It feels flowing, but this is also my real thought. I am serious about the zinc alloy mirror polishing machine. In this industry, I am a newcomer, but I hope that I can really improve my technology and help customers solve their production capabilities. I often communicate with the commissioning staff about the relationship between the polishing machine and the polishing product. For example, there are many types of materials for our polishing products, such as zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, magnesium alloy, and so on. There is a big difference. For example, zinc alloy and aluminum alloy are relatively soft. There is no need to adjust the pressure during polishing. The hardness of magnesium alloy is not very hard. The hardness of stainless steel is the hardest. Because when manufacturing, the raw materials used are different and the added materials are not the same. As a result, the final hardness will be different for each company, so the parameters we use when debugging will also be different. If we want to achieve the mirror effect of zinc alloy, then the polishing time will be different, and the pressure used will also be different. Zinc alloy mirror polishing machine can technically solve this problem. For different materials, we set different polishing time and polishing pressure, so that the product can achieve the mirror effect.


Weibo find me @ 亚泰 Automatic polishing machine, the source manufacturer of wax polish machine for 15 years, the company that cooperates with the world's top 500 companies, mainly polishing metal products, such as stainless steel pots, door handles, bathrooms, kitchenware, sold at home and abroad Short delivery time, the products include flexible automatic metal polishing machine, CNC 6-axis polishing machine, disc polishing machine and car luggage rack polishing machine, and can also customize exclusive polishing equipment.


Flexible metal polishing machine: efficient, dust-free, no polishing workers, can polish 300 zinc alloy handles per hour.

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